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WebVellum implements the latest in design techniques to deliver stylish websites to WOW your customers.

Whether you need a retail shop or an enterprise-level solution, WebVellum can help you increase sales and reach new customers.

You need a website that works for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones. WebVellum specializes in mobile website design.

Website Development, E-Commerce & Mobile Design

HTML5 & CSS3 design built for PCs as well as mobile devices.

Everything from online shops to enterprise-level e-commerce

Up-to-date web applications compatible with 3rd party management software

Social media ready: connect with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others.


It seems that new developments in web and computer technology are occurring more quickly than ever. We can assess your web and technology needs and provide you with the information you need to thrive and gain market share over your competitors.


Free your business from relying on a single hardware installation. By utilizing a cloud solution for your business software infrastructure, you can reduce downtime due to hardware constraints as well as manage your data and projects from a range of devices anywhere in the world.

Strategic IT Planning

As your business increases in size and complexity, you're going to need a plan, especially since more and more businesses are leveraging technology for many of their business processes. WebVellum works with companies to develop strategies which reduce costs and increase productivity.

Cloud, Infrastructure & Management

Access your business applications and communications from any device, anywhere in the world.

Increase the uptime for your software infrastructure with secure, off-site data hosting.

Increase sales and improve communications by integrating your website with management software.

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